How much time and energy do you use up thinking about all the things you need to organize in your life? And how awesome and fresh do you feel when you’ve accomplished a feat of organization, no matter how small?

Organizing doesn’t mean setting aside an entire Saturday afternoon to get your house (and life) in order. In fact, you can get a shocking amount accomplished in just a few minutes that will save you big later on. So even if you’re short on time, there are plenty of ways to get more organized now. (And save that precious time on Saturday afternoon!)

Set your timer for 10 minutes and get going on one of these simple organizing tasks:

  1. Clear your desk. Maybe Einstein was a fan of a cluttered desk, but for most of us the chaos in a hindrance to our productivity.
  2. Make your bed. Making your bed as soon as you wake up is the easiest (and fastest) way to begin the day feeling put together.
  3. Review your calendar. Neglecting your calendar is a surefire way to miss important events like surprise appointments and scheduling changes.
  4. Shred or file one pile of paper. If piles of mail or paperwork are an issue in your house, don’t let it get overwhelming. Tackle one pile at a time, 10 minutes at a time, to get it under control.
  5. Clean out your wallet or purse. Purses and wallets have a way of filling up quickly, especially when you need to hold something for your child!
  6. Make a donate bag. Clutter sucks energy. Get a donate bag going and spend some time clearing out the junk you’ll never use again.
  7. Clean up your desktop. Do you really need all those icons and documents cluttering up your screen? Organize and file them in the 10 minutes between projects and phone calls.
  8. Clean out your instant messages. All those messages and photos from texting take up a surprising amount of memory on your phone. Clear them out now to save memory shortage headaches later.
  9. Respond to or delete 10 email messages in your inbox. Love seeing that you have 1000 unread messages in your inbox? Neither do we! Take them 10 at a time.
  10. Review your short and long term goals. Nothing keeps us on track better than looking at the big picture and remembering why we’re doing what we do.

Remember, you’re aiming for organizational progress, not perfection! Doing something for 10 minutes a day can play a part in getting you where you want to be. And you may have time left over for fun design ideas, like the desk and accessories shown above that we found on on Pinterest!


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