While we love the start of the new school year, there’s one thing we could do without – the stress that can come with homework. Getting kids to sit down and do their homework can be a battle. One way to get kids more willing to tackle their homework is to create a comfortable and creative place dedicated to the task at hand.

Whether you have tons of space for a large desk or just a little nook, we’ve found some great ideas for inspiring homework stations.


Perfect for smaller homes and rooms, this cute station has shelves and cubbies for organizing everything at arm’s length and can be folded away when not in use.


Have two kids who need to get their homework done? This station shares a bookcase and a table, yet gives the kids two private work spaces.


This space saver features a re-purposed armoire with a fold-down desk that can be tucked away when the homework is finished.


If you’re going to be putting the kids’ homework station in the main living area, why not make it as elegant as the rest of your decor? This station uses sleek black furniture with splashes of color to make it work well for kids and adults.


Have a closet? Then you have a great place for a homework station! This design provides a comfortable and cozy place to study.


Maybe your kids are free spirits who prefer to do their homework in different nooks around the house. No problem! Keep all of their supplies in one place with a simple utility cart from Ikea.

Need more ideas for creating a homework station in your home? Check out our Pinterest board for more inspiration!

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