Hosting a Thanksgiving feast can be a Herculean undertaking that requires a lot of preparation, labor, and usually, cash.

If you’re lucky enough on the receiving end of a Thanksgiving or Friendsgiving feast this year, make sure you bring a little something for your host, even if you’re implored to “only bring yourself!”

While wine is always welcome, here are 8 unusual gifts and treats you can bring that your host will be sure to appreciate!

  1. A digestif. As the name suggests, digestifs are believed to aid in digestion, no small thing after a major feast! Choose a sweet digestif like Bénédictine or an herbal bitter such as Chartreuse.
  2. Mocktail fixings. With so much wine flowing freely, your host might appreciate something for the non-drinkers and designated drivers. Make sure the recipe you choose is easy and doesn’t make more work for your host.
  3. A gift for the family pet. If your hosts have a dog or cat, a small chew toy or catnip toy can be a sweet offering and potentially alleviate some of the stress the animal might be feeling in a house full of strangers.
  4. Sandwich fixings. In all of the feast prep, your hosts may have neglected the inevitable post-Thanksgiving turkey sandwich fixings. Put together a basket with a loaf of good bread, some sliced cheese, and some small bottles of mayonnaise and mustard.
  5. Breakfast fixings. Of course there’s lots for dinner, but your host might appreciate something delicious and easy to make for breakfast. Fruit salad or cinnamon rolls are a good bet.
  6. Storage container set. Yes, there will be leftovers, and likely not enough storage containers to pack them in! Your host might appreciate a set of inexpensive containers to send home with his guests.
  7. Something for the kids. Keep them busy so you can enjoy the meal! A few extra pads of paper and marker/crayon sets are always welcome.
  8. A scented holiday candle. With Christmas right around the corner, a festive holiday candle makes a great gift for getting into the holiday spirit. The Frasier Fir candle has a pleasant, natural scent.

Happy Thanksgiving!



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