As kids grow older and commitments expand, calendars have a way of getting really hectic, really fast. Between all of the sports practices, playdates, work commitments, and school activities, events and tasks can get missed, dropped, and otherwise forgotten. 

It doesn’t have to be this way! With the Bievo Family Organizer, you can easily keep everyone in the loop. Bievo’s shared family calendar color-codes each person’s events so you can quickly see conflicts and deal with scheduling challenges.

The family task list organizes the chores and lets the kids update the status when their chores are done. Family contacts make sure everyone has access to the people that are most important to your family.

To use Bievo’s family sharing features, simply

bievo mobile

add your family members to your Bievo account. Every family member will receive their own login, where they can add events to the family calendar, update tasks on the family task list, and more. And with the Bievo mobile app, all your family’s important information will always be at their fingertips. No more texts back and forth, missed phone calls, or forgotten items at the grocery store.

Ready to add family members? It’s super easy with the Bievo mobile app. Here’s how:

Click the Family Link on the main screen.

Click the “+” at the top of the screen.

Enter your family member’s information (name, email, and birthdate), and click Save.

That’s it! Bievo will send an email letting your family members know they’ve been added to the family account. Adult family members will need to register for Bievo to acquire access. Family members under the age of 18 can simply log into their new accounts using your password.

Not a Bievo member yet? You can register at or by downloading the Bievo mobile app on your Apple or Android devices.

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