Many schools across the country are adding meditation classes to their curriculum. While some students and parents dismiss meditation as do-nothing time, it’s anything but! Meditation brings enormous and potentially life-changing benefits that go far beyond the classroom.

If your child’s school hasn’t added meditation to the curriculum yet, there are plenty of resources available online to tap into.

Should students learn to meditate? Yes! Here’s why:

Less stress

Stress can make even the smartest kids under-perform. As standardized testing and homework levels continue to rise, reducing student stress is more important than ever. Meditation reduces stress while boosting concentration and alertness.

Better test scores

Speaking of testing, students who meditate perform better on standardized tests than those who don’t. In one study, 41% of students in a meditation group improved in both Math and English scores.

Better attendance and behavior

Studies have shown that students who practice meditation have lower rates of absenteeism, behavioral issues at school, and suspension than those who do not.

More creative thinking

Regular meditation has been proven to boost brain function, with the most dramatic increases occurring in creative thinking, practical intelligence, and IQ.

Less depression and anxiety

Studies have shown that practicing Transcendental Meditation (a type of meditation commonly taught in schools) showed “significant” reductions in depressive symptoms. While the largest decreases were found in participants with clinically significant depression, those without it showed an average decrease of 48%.

Lower risk of substance abuse

Studies have shown that daily practitioners of Transcendental Meditation have greatly reduced rates of both substance abuse problems and antisocial behavior. And in many cases, the meditation practice was found to be two or three times more effective than traditional drug prevention programs.

These benefits of meditation apply to everyone, not just students! Interested in starting your own meditation practice? Give yourself a reminder to practice by scheduling some time in your Bievo calendar.

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