Remember that dog-eared, scribbled upon family address book that used to live in the kitchen drawer? It worked great, unless you happened to need a phone number or address when you weren’t home or someone forgot to put it back where it belonged when they were finished using it!

Now Bievo gives you a family address book for today’s digital age that’s always available and accessible to everyone in the family, wherever they happen to be when they need it.

Bievo’s Family Contacts feature is great for having everyone you might need to get in touch with right at your family’s fingertips – your child’s friends’ parents, caregivers, coaches, teachers, doctors, and even the school bus driver. On our mobile app, you can call contacts directly from the Contacts screen. To help you stay organized and find contacts quickly, you can even filter your contacts by which family member they belong to.

Adding contacts is easy! On the Bievo mobile app, simply click on the Contacts link on the home screen. Then click the “+” at the top of the screen to add a new contact, enter the contact details, and click Save. Once you save a new contact, every member of your family will have access to it from their own mobile devices.

Not a Bievo member? Register at or by downloading the mobile app from the Apple or Google Play stores.

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