Are you one of the 310 million Americans stressed out about this year’s election? What better way to celebrate November 8th, 2016 than by stress-eating your way through the evening as coverage reaches fever pitch?

No matter where families find themselves on the political spectrum this year, everyone can come together over these Election Night 2016 treats.

(Pro tip: prep dishes ahead of time so you don’t miss even one nail-biting moment of coverage.)

Chicken Soup

There’s not much better than a bowl of simple chicken soup to soothe frayed nerves. We like this simple recipe from Food Network.

Macaroni and Cheese

Butter + cheese + pasta = the Holy Trinity of comfort food. Forget the boxed stuff and let the year fade away as you bake up a batch of real mac n’ cheese. Here’s a great version from All Recipes.


Who doesn’t love a steaming hot bowl of chili to warm the soul? No matter how you love it—con carne, vegetarian, or with more innovative ingredients, here are some great chili recipes to get you cooking.

Chicken pot pie

What’s not to love about the perfect marriage between chicken soup and pie? Make your own or buy it frozen—and spend more time taking in the coverage.

Tuna melts 

Nothing brings back the taste of simpler times than a good old fashioned tuna melt. Try substituting canned wild-caught salmon for the tuna for an omega-3 health boost. Simple is good, or try this New Jersey diner style approach.


Bread pudding

Pudding for dinner? Why not? You deserve it!

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