T-shirts? He has plenty of those – many of which are left over from his college days and will never again see the light of day. Ties? Check, one in every conceivable color, shape, and pattern. How about cufflinks? Even though he’s only worn them once (at his wedding), he still has a tidy collection left over from Father’s Days past.

If you’re coming up short on what do get for Dad this year, here’s a few ideas for awesome Father’s Day gifts that won’t end up at next spring’s yard sale.

(Need to schedule some shopping on your task list? You can create a private task list in your Bievo mobile app, so he won’t discover your surprise!)

  1. Revolution USB Turntable

If Dad is just getting in on the vinyl craze or still has his original collection, he’ll love this portable but powerful little turntable. Powered by USB or battery, the Revolution will let him enjoy his 7” or 12” disks, whether he’s outside camping or working from home. Bonus: It also lets you convert the analog vinyl tunes to digital storage so he can keep the music going on his iPhone or iPad.

blog_usb turntable (2).jpg

$70 Available at Nordstorms http://shop.nordstrom.com/s/crosley-radio-revolution-usb-turntable/3721092

  1. Clip Bluetooth Speaker

If Dad isn’t the vinyl type but still loves his music and podcasts, give him a Bluetooth Speaker he can take anywhere. This tiny (four inches high and three inches wide) speaker has a carabiner clip for easy attachment to his bag or belt loop. Choose from 10 colors and patterns, including several sports team logos.

blog bluetooth speaker 3 (2).jpg

$41 at Amazon http://www.amazon.com/JBL-Portable-Bluetooth-Speaker-Black/dp/B00KH636V2

  1. So Many Tools in One

This multipurpose device might be the last tool he ever needs! The Sheffield 14-in-1 Hammer Tool features a Hammer Head, Nail Claw, Linesman Pliers, Regular Pliers, 3 kinds of screwdrivers, a Drop Point Blade, a Serrated Blade, Can Opener, Wire Cutters, Wire Stripper, Soft File, and Key Ring. Best of all, the tool is only 5 ¼ inches long so he will always be prepared.

blog hammer tool 2 (2)

$8 on Amazon http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B000NJUU94

  1. Brewery in a Box

Does homebrewed beer taste better? There’s really only one way to find out! Help Dad take his love of beer to the next level by brewing it at home with this simple kit. The kit combines a simplified brewing process with easy-to-use equipment, giving first time brewmasters a great tasting beer on the first try.

blog beer kit.JPG

$89.99 at Northern Brewer http://www.northernbrewer.com/essential-brewing-starter-kit

  1. The Art of Manliness Book

From survival skills to social skills, this new classic of modern manliness offers advice, tips, and pointers on such essential skills as shaving like Grampa, giving a dynamic speech, giving a man hug, raising resilient kids, and living a well-balanced life.

blog manliness book 5 (2).jpg

From $9.99 up at Amazon http://www.amazon.com/Art-Manliness-Classic-Skills-Manners/dp/1600614620

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