Holidays are great times to take a breather from the routine of our daily lives, reflect, and spend time with those we love. And for those of us who are divorced, separated, or never-partnered, Independence Day isn’t only a day to celebrate the achievements of our American forefathers and foremothers’ righteous thinking and bravery, but a day we can celebrate our own status as a strong, independent person.

Though it’s not always easy to be a single parent in what often feels like a world of couples, there’s plenty to celebrate about the status! Here are just a few ways you can celebrate being independent this year:

  1. The kids will be alright

You know how awesome and well-adjusted your own kids are, but now the studies back up what you already know: kids of single and divorced parents turn out just fine, thank you very much. A recent publication by Psychology Today shows that any difference in outcomes between children of single parents and married parents are either non-existent or miniscule at best. Read more here:

  1. Every other weekend to yourself

If you’re divorced and sharing custody, having regular weekends to yourself can be a major perk (if you let it). After years of dedicated childcare, this can mean travel for some parents or simply time to rest for others.

  1. No more fighting about chores with a partner

When you’re independent, who cleans the bathroom, takes out the trash, and cleans the litterbox is a moot point – it’s you! Remember all that arguing about chores with your former partner? Gone!  But don’t let the older kids off the hook. You can keep household chores under control by assigning them as tasks on your Bievo task list.

  1. The ability to set your own rules

You insist on a 9 PM bedtime, but your partner was always willing to let them stay up until 10 PM. Now that you’re independent, when the kids are with you, you make the rules without argument or negotiation.

  1. More time to explore your own passions and interests – alone or with your child(ren).

When you’re part of a couple, free time can be a never-ending juggle between your wants, needs, and interests and those of your spouse. When you’re single, you have the freedom to explore what sparks your passions: trips to museums, new activities, cultural landmarks, and great new restaurants. Keeping your soul nurtured isn’t a luxury – it will keep you and your kids happier and healthier!

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