The sun is still bright in the sky, but September is definitely on the horizon! In these lazy August days, it’s easy to put off the thought of school. But those hectic schedules filled with sports, activities, homework, and other activities will be here before we know it.

Every new school year brings fresh organizational challenges for families. The homework and handouts that start piling up on the kitchen table. The change in routine and sleep schedules. The new sports schedules that take up more time than ever.

Don’t wait until the first week of school to get the kids ready! Start getting organized now with these simple tips to prepare your family for the year ahead.

1. Walk, don’t jump into a new sleep schedule.

Letting the kids stay up late is fun in July, but not so great come September. Gradually move the kids’ bedtime back, starting two weeks before the first day of school. Make sure to wake the late sleepers closer to the hour they need to get up for school so that their schedule will be in sync with school when the big day arrives.

2. Follow the paper trail.

If your child is starting at a new school, you may need proof of immunization or other documentation. Athletes need medical documentation. Check your school district’s website or call the school to make sure you have all the documentation you need before school begins.

3. More paper! Create a filing system now.

The backpack express has a way of delivering more papers than we know what to do with! Art projects, handouts, notes from the teacher, and homework can all become one big mess. Create a simple file system and keep it in a central place before school starts to prevent the frantic searches for that crucial missing piece of paper later.

4. Make a back-to-school shopping list.

Take a few minutes to go through your child’s clothing drawers now to weed out the outgrown (and completely outworn) items. While you do so, make a list of anything new they’ll need for the new year. Doing this on the early side gives you plenty of time to order clothing, shoes, and backpacks online if you can’t find them locally.

5. Create a family calendar.

No matter what size your family is, things can quickly get out of control without a central family calendar to keep everyone on the same page. With a family calendar, you can track after school activities, sports schedules, dance practices, caregiver schedules, and even homework assignments and special projects.

Paper calendars on the kitchen wall can only do so much. Bievo is an easy-to-use family calendar that also includes a whole bundle of features to get your family off to a great start this school year, such as a free mobile app, task assignment feature, and consolidated family contact lists.

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