Getting ready for the new school year can be a real challenge in these lazy August days. Stay organized by getting the necessities taken care of now, and then relax and enjoy the last few weeks of summer!

___Clothing. Go through drawers and closets and make a list of everything your child needs. Try on the possibly-outgrown but important items and make a plan to replace them. But save the bulk of shopping until a little later in the fall. (Fashions have a way of changing quickly!)

___Shoes. How do their feet grow so fast during the summer? Make sure you have at least a couple pairs of good fall shoes and a sturdy pair of sneakers that fit well before the first day of school.

___Backpack. While your daughter’s pink butterfly backpack was perfectly acceptable in the first grade, she wouldn’t be caught dead with it in the 5th. Shop for your child-approved backpack early so you can get the best deals.

___Lunchbox. If your child brings lunch from home, let them pick out a new lunchbox to show off on the first day of school.

___School Supplies. Many schools will provide a list of needed supplies before school starts. Depending on your child’s grade, the list may include crayons, pens, multi-subject notebooks, or for the older kids, an agenda or planner.

___Alarm clock. An easy-to-use alarm clock can do wonders for getting your child up and ready for school. This is especially important in the first week of school when their sleep schedule might still be on summer time.

___Shared family calendar. A family calendar helps you save time and keep your family on the same page with less effort. Bievo is an easy-to-use family calendar that can help your whole family get organized – at home on the desktop or on the go with our mobile app. Bievo also has a whole bundle of features to help your family stay organized and connected, no matter how busy life gets! Download Bievo now and get everyone up to speed before the school year begins so you can all hit the ground running.

Not a Bievo user? Register at or by downloading the mobile app from Apple or Google Play. Next step? Add this list to your family task list so everyone knows what needs to be done before the school year starts.

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