Happy New Year!

For many of us, the first school day after Labor Day feels like the real start to the new year. A fresh classroom or school, new teachers, new classmates, and plenty of opportunities to make it a great year filled with growth, breakthroughs, and new friendships. And for all of us, setting some goals can turn a good year into a great year.

Learning to set and work towards goals can have an enormous impact on how your child approaches life. It teaches about visualizing what’s important and developing the perseverance to work towards those targets.

Try some of these strategies to teach your child about the power of goal setting.

Start small but dream big

Introduce the concept of goal setting with something small that your child can complete in a short amount of time, such as completing a book that’s been sitting unread all summer or memorizing a set of multiplication facts. Meeting even the smallest goals can carry an enormous amount of energy. After the goal is met, talk to your child about how they feel about the accomplishment and get them thinking about larger goals they want to reach in their lives.

Let them be the goal setter

Even though you have some ideas for your child’s goals, let them choose what they want to accomplish, even if for the short term it’s capturing Vaporeon in Pokemon GO. Let them enjoy the experience of setting (and hopefully accomplishing) their own goals. It will serve to boost their pride and sense of achievement.

Help them break it down

Kids may be able to visualize end goals clearly, but might need your help breaking down the steps to get there. Say they want to make an informative video for YouTube. Get your child involved in scouting locations, shooting the video, and learning to use the video editing program on the computer.

Be the voice of sanity

While you don’t want to squash your child’s ambitious goal, you should be prepared to provide reality checks now and again by reminding them that they have to be dedicated, even in the face of challenge. While your job isn’t to make the goal seem too overwhelming, be there to help them through the tough patches.

Recognize effort

Remember to applaud your child’s effort as they work towards their goal. Instead of nagging them to practice or study, reward progress with some kind words of encouragement. Working towards goals with a spirit of fun can make the journey more appealing.

Use your calendar to plan out goals

With the pace of life picking up this September, we could all use a little boost when it comes to remembering to work towards our goals. A family calendar app keeps everyone on the same page and sends convenient reminders of upcoming deadlines. Try entering goals in your Bievo Family Calendar and Task List to get reminders – and you and your kids will be hitting your goals in no time!

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