Can’t stand those annoying ads that constantly pop on your free apps, distracting you from the task at hand and making you lose your focus? Neither can we.

The average smart phone user spends an incredible 89% of their time on media using mobile apps, according to Smart Insights. Not surprisingly, most companies are jumping onto to the mobile app bandwagon in an all-out effort to compete for those users, with 68% of companies having integrated mobile marketing into their overall marketing strategy, according to Salesforce.

And all that adds up to a ton of mobile app advertising for the average user – with a seemingly endless amount of ads popping up all over your favorite apps.

When you’re trying to get organized, those ads can really get in the way.

That’s why, unlike other family organizers, we’ve made our free mobile app 100% ad-free – so you can stay focused on getting your busy family organized and on top of things, without the distractions.

Not a Bievo user? Register today at or by downloading our mobile app from Apple or Google Play.

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