Bievo’s shared family calendar is great for keeping all your family members on the same page. But your busy life requires you to coordinate with more than just your family. That’s where Bievo Groups come in. Bievo Groups is a powerful feature that helps you keep all your groups—from PTOs to book clubs to sports teams—organized and on the same page with a shared calendar, announcements, email list, and more.

Did you know that there are multiple membership levels available so that everyone can be part of your various groups? When you join a Bievo group (or create a new group!), you can choose the level that’s right for you.

From highest to lowest, here are the four levels of Bievo Groups:

Group Administrator

The Group Administrator has full editing rights to the group’s page. The Administrator can update the calendar, post announcements, email the group, and invite new members to the group. When you create a Bievo group, you will automatically become an Administrator for your group. You can also add other administrators if you need a little extra help managing everything that your group has going on.

Group Manager

A Group Manager is similar to a Group Administrator, but the group events do not appear in the member’s Bievo calendar (they can see the events on the group’s page). This option is intended for people who are managing a group, but do not need to attend the events for the group. For example, this is a good option for someone who serves as the office administrator for a sports club. While the office administrator has an important role in facilitating events, announcements, and communication with group members, she may not want to see all of the events for the group in her Bievo family calendar. In this situation, she would become a Group Manager.

Group Member

A group member is an active member of the group. As a group member, you’ll have access to the group’s page, where you can view the group’s calendar of events and a list of announcements. If the group allows its members to do so, you will also be able to add new events, post announcements, email the group, and invite new members to join the group.

As a Group Member, you’ll have access to the group’s Members page that lists all group members and their contact information. This feature allows members to correspond directly with each other regarding group activities (for example, to set up carpools for kids events or coordinate on who is bringing the wine to your next book club meeting).

This membership level is a great option if you want to be an active member of the group. For example, if your book club creates a Bievo group, you will want to become a member so that you can add events to the calendar and communicate with other members using the announcement and email features on the group page.

Group Follower

A Group Follower is the lowest membership level available. As a Group Follower, you can view the group’s events and announcements, and receive emails from the Group Administrator. But you will not be able to access the Group’s Members page or communicate with other members.

This membership level is great when you want to be kept up-to-date on group events and activities but do not want to be an active member. For example, if you create a Bievo Group for your child’s soccer team, you can add your child’s grandparents as Group Followers. They’ll know when to show up at the field to cheer for a win, without receiving emails about carpools and snack assignments.

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