Here at Bievo, we’re big fans of using color-coding as a quick and intuitive way to get and stay organized. After all, our free family organizer and calendar app lets you assign colors and pictures to each family member’s account, allowing you to easily keep everyone on the same page, even when you’re all over the map. The goal of color-coding isn’t to turn your life and house into a color riot (although it can make both prettier!), but to be purposeful and methodical about how you use color.

Aside from color-coding our free app, here are some other ways we love using color to get organized:

  1. Color-code your child. If you have more than one child, let each of them choose a color (you might need to flip a coin for popular ones!). Then use that color to guide your purchases for everyday things like towels, toothbrushes, and water bottles. That way you’ll know instantly to whom each item belongs.
  1. Color-code your filing system. Color-coding makes finding important files much quicker than writing on a label. Start by choosing the major categories of information you need to file and then give a color to each grouping. For example, family health information can be blue, financial red, and taxes green. Then replace the standard manila folders with the colored ones so they pop out when you open the file drawer.
  1. Color-code your kitchen. Use non-toxic paint to color-code and label cutting boards for food safety. Assign colors and labels to cutting boards that are always used for meat, onions/garlic, and beets and other foods that stain easily.
  1. Color-code your cords. Use washi tape to color and label all of your electronic cords, including chargers, printing cables and more, to make sure you know what cord goes to what device and member of the family.

How do you use color to organize? Leave a comment here or on Twitter.

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