Do you ever get the feeling that between work and family, your schedule has been turned up to 11? That the only slivers of free time at home during the week come when you’re sitting down to a family dinner (if you even get to have those)?

You’re not alone. According to a 2015 Pew Research Center study, in nearly half of all two-parent families, both parents are holding down full time jobs—a sharp increase over previous decades. Add into the mix sports schedules, academic enrichment, playdates, and other extracurricular activities that require juggling with your community and caregivers, and you have the perfect recipe for scheduling chaos.

Bievo’s shared family calendar is great for keeping all your family members on the same page. But if your busy life requires you to coordinate with more than just your family, Bievo can help you keep extended family members and caregivers organized too. Bievo’s Co-parenting and Caregiver options let you selectively share parts of the family schedule and pieces of family information with key people so that everyone who is involved in your busy family’s life can stay informed and connected.

Unlike other family calendars, Bievo is packed with features that allow everyone to get organized and on-track. We believe that you should spend less time managing your family life and more time enjoying it.

For example, the latest version of our desktop and mobile app includes a souped-up Shopping List feature that lets you maintain categories of regularly purchased items and create specific lists for each store you plan to visit. Bievo even lets you notify family members when you’re heading out to shop, so they can add to a list. Bievo also allows you to check-off purchased items with a screen touch, so you can track your progress.

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