We are very excited to announce that the Bievo mobile app is now available for iPhone and Android devices! Our mobile app is a slimmed down version of our desktop family organizer. We’ve designed it to give you just what you need to manage your family’s busy schedule on the go, without adding any clutter or confusion. You can download it from the Apple App Store or Google Play.

With the Bievo mobile app, you can:

  • View and update your ever-changing schedule – Quickly view your busy schedule and get a handle on where everyone needs to be. Each family member’s events appear in his or her own customizable color. Your family can add and edit events as soon as their schedules change, so everyone stays coordinated with minimal effort.
  • Manage the family chore list on the go – With the shared family task list, you can coordinate tasks and assign chores from anywhere. Simply create a new task and assign it to a family member. When the task is complete, he or she can update the status to ‘Done’.
  • Share a family address book – Every smart phone has a contacts list, but have your family members added the contacts they need? With Bievo’s shared family contact list, you can add contacts that everyone should have available. Add doctors, teachers, family friends – anyone that is important to your whole family.
  • Save important family information – Sometimes the information your need is neatly filed away at home, but you are anywhere else. When you save family information to your Bievo desktop organizer, you’ll have access to it from the mobile app. Add your insurance policy number, school information, and other information that your family should have while away from home.

With the Bievo mobile app, it’s easier than ever to keep your family connected when your busy lives take you in different directions.

The Bievo mobile app is free to download. The shared family calendar is always free. Shared tasks, contacts, and family information are part of the Bievo Family upgrade, which is available for $12.99 per year at the end of your free trial. One upgrade includes all family members and device types.


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