How is your 2017 fitness plan shaping up?

Fitness goals are easy to make, but always not so easy to keep, especially as the New Year wears on and the usual commitments inevitably begin to pile up.

This year, try treating your workouts with the same diligence you have for meetings and other appointments. You know your workouts are one of the best things you can do for mental and physical health, so give them the respect they deserve by scheduling them in your calendar.

Scheduling helps you find time for the things that matter—for your self-care and for everything else in your life. No matter what your goal, Bievo can help you achieve it!

Bievo lets you schedule your workouts—say run three times a week or take two yoga classes per week—then tap a friend to share your goal and help keep you both motivated. Enter your workouts as calendar events, and include milestones on your task list.

You can also use Bievo’s robust Groups feature to connect you and your workout friends or yoga classmates with a shared  calendar. You can plan meet-ups for other fitness classes and activities or rewards, like group movie night. Bievo lets you all communicate and keep each other inspired, amused and on top of your goals.

Tracking all your workouts on Bievo, whether formal classes, trips to the gym or walks around the block, gives you a history to look back on to see how each activity really contributes to reaching your overall fitness goals. It will give you the motivation to keep going.

Sign up for Bievo for free on your desktop or tablet, and download the Bievo app to your iPhone or Android today!

Here’s to an awesome, fit 2017!

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