Just when you find yourself in the throes of back-to-school, back-to-sports, back-to-everything, Bievo’s here to help with a new, simpler design and more features to help you organize your family’s busy life. As always, Bievo’s got your back!

The new and improved Bievo Family Organizer works on your desktop, tablet, iPhone, and Android. Now it’s even easier to add family members, share schedules, create to-do lists, send reminders, and bring every family event and activity into one centralized view.

We know that family life is busy, and you are on the go more often than you’re not. So our mobile app is designed to keep your whole family organized and connected. The Bievo mobile app now includes:

More calendar options

Bievo’s shared family calendar lets you to share schedules with family members and groups, so you can more easily plan your day. But since all those schedules can add up to a lot of events, we’ve made some updates to simplify your life even more. On our new mobile app, we’ve added a calendar month view, a filter that lets you view events for just one family member at a time, and a search function to make scrolling for appointments a thing of the past.

Easily save and update family information

Bievo’s family information screens are a convenient place to save important information that you want your whole family to have at their fingertips – medical insurance policy numbers, work and school contact information, email and cell phone numbers. With our new mobile app, you can easily add and edit this information right on the app. All changes are immediately available for your family members to see.

Set notification and reminder preferences

Sometimes just adding an event to your calendar isn’t enough. Now you can set your notification preferences directly on the app. Choose to receive event reminders and notifications by email, mobile notification, or text message. You can even select when you want your reminders to be send out – anywhere between 5 minutes and 2 weeks before the event.

Make Bievo your own!

Organizing and scheduling can be a chore, but we want to add a little bit of fun into it. On our new mobile app, you can add pictures and customize the colors assigned to each of your family members, so your calendar reflects the vibrant personality of your family.

Ready for a more organized fall? Download or update the Bievo mobile app on your iPhone or Android today and get Bievo Premium free for 30 days! Because, we want you to spend less time organizing your family life and more time enjoying it.

Wishing you and your family a happy, healthy, and organized autumn!

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