At some time in the near or distant past, the most important part of your Valentine’s Day was making sure your partner felt loved. Now that you’re managing a busy family (who you love. Deeply. Of course), it might feel like there’s a little less time for romance and fun. Not so—if you plan ahead with task lists.

Task lists can be powerful organizational tools for everyone in the family, and are great for keeping track of all the things you need to do for Valentine’s Day and beyond, like buying cards and art supplies, collecting addresses and class lists, buying gifts, and maybe even scheduling a babysitter and dinner reservation.

Secret gifts and plans are probably not something you want to share with your partner or kids (Romance? Ew!). Bievo lets you keep certain task lists 100% private and hidden from curious eyes.

Unlike other family organizers, Bievo’s unique account structure lets you manage your own personal task list and your family task list from the same place.

Personal tasks are visible only to you. Use your personal task list to keep yourself organized, without overwhelming family members with unnecessary information.

Family tasks are visible to every family member that you add to your Bievo family account. They’ll see these tasks when they log into their own Bievo accounts. Family members can even update the status of their tasks so you know exactly when they are done.

Haven’t added your family members to your Bievo account yet? Adding family members is easy! Click here to learn how.  And, then start making those special plans for February 14.

Not a Bievo member yet? Register at or by downloading the Bievo mobile app from Apple or Google Play.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

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