We’ve all been there: our eyes are watering from staring at the screen too long, and we just need to do that “one more thing” before we give ourselves a break to recharge. As heroic as it can feel at the time, plowing through the workday doesn’t do you or your employer any good.

According to science, regular, substantial breaks are super beneficial to your creativity, productivity, and health.

  • A recent study found that the top 10 percent of high-performing employees tended to work 52 consecutive minutes followed by a 17 minute break that included non-screen related activities such as taking a walk, exercising, or talking to co-workers.
  • Sedentariness isn’t our natural state. We won’t go so far as to say that sitting will help you meet your end faster, but it sure isn’t good for your creativity. Getting up for a few minutes and getting our blood flowing and some more oxygen to the brain is a boon for creativity and problem solving. According to a 2014 Stanford study, creativity levels were consistently and significantly higher for those walking compared to those sitting—whether the walking was done inside or outside.
  • A 1999 Cornell study found that workers who received alerts that reminded them to stop working and take a break were 13 percent more accurate in their work than colleagues who were not reminded.

Taking breaks isn’t just for the workplace—those of us with busy families need them too! While we might not be able to drop what we’re doing every 52 minutes when the kids need shuttling to hockey practice or help with their homework, it is important to schedule “me time” breaks regularly to keep yourself refreshed, happy, and creative.

Try using Bievo to remind yourself to schedule strategic breaks for yourself—at work and at home, like a weekly yoga class, art museum visit, or night out with the guys.

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