The 12 Days of Bievo Christmas


The Bievo Family Calendar and Organizer is the gift that keeps on giving, and best of all, our basic version is FREE! Get your family organized and on the same page with all these great features:


On the twelfth day of Christmas, Bievo gave to me online calendar synchronization.

Never miss another sports game, favorite television show, or movie by keeping them in one place! If something you care about has an online calendar, you can sync it with Bievo.


On the eleventh day of Christmas, Bievo gave to me family sharing features.

No matter where they are, you can keep your family members in the loop and on-task. Bievo’s shared family calendar color-codes each person’s events so you can quickly see conflicts and deal with scheduling challenges. It’s easy to add family members to Bievo—here’s how.


On the tenth day of Christmas, Bievo gave to my family the ability to personalize their profiles.

A recent Bievo update lets you add photos, nicknames, and colors for each of your family members, so everyone has their own visual identity on the app and is easy to identify at a glance—especially on small mobile device screens. Here’s how to do it.


On the ninth day of Christmas, Bievo gave to me an Ad-Free App Experience.

Do you loathe those constant ads popping up all over your phone? So do we! Unlike other family organizers, we’ve made our free mobile app 100% ad-free – so you can stay focused on getting your busy family organized and on top of things, without the distractions.


On the eighth day of Christmas, Bievo gave to me unique password features.

Unlike other family organizers that only let you have one username and password for the entire family, Bievo gives each family member their own login information so they can create unique profiles and add personal events and tasks that aren’t visible to the rest of the family. Here’s how to manage password features.


On the seventh day of Christmas, Bievo gave to me easy family notification features.

Sometimes adding an event to your calendar isn’t enough. When life gets busy, you need an extra layer of assurance that the important (and mundane) events won’t fall by the wayside. Bievo lets you customize how and when you and your family members receive notifications – by email, mobile push notifications, and for Premium users, text message. So you can decide what works for you and your family. Here’s how to do it.


On the sixth day of Christmas, Bievo gave to me easy Google Calendar sync.

If you’re new to Bievo or are still using Google Calendar to manage some of your scheduling, you can merge the two platforms seamlessly. Add one or all of your Google Calendars into Bievo to easily access all of your important events in one place. Schedule a one-time import or enable automatic calendar sync to allow Bievo to regularly pull events from your Google account. Let’s do it!


On the fifth day of Christmas, Bievo gave to me agenda emails.

If you have family members who prefer email over an online organizer or forgetful family member who might need that extra reminder, agenda emails might be the solution. You can set up emails to go out daily or weekly, and the email recipient does not need to be a Bievo member. Here’s how to do it.


On the fourth day of Christmas, Bievo gave to me a 21st Century family address book.

Remember that dog-eared, scribbled upon family address book that used to live in the kitchen drawer? Bievo’s Family Contacts feature is the 21st century version that is always accessible to everyone in the family and community! Contacts are great for having everyone you might need to get in touch with right at your family’s fingertips – your child’s friends’ parents, caregivers, coaches, teachers, doctors, and even the school bus driver.


On the third day of Christmas, Bievo gave to me a robust Groups feature.

Bievo’s Groups feature was designed to help you coordinate schedules and information with people outside of your immediate family. Best of all, your community schedules appear on your Bievo family calendar, so you can easily see everything that you have going on all in one place.


On the second day of Christmas, Bievo gave to me sharing options to protect your privacy.

Shared calendars are great, until there’s the inevitable oversharing. Do the grandparents really need to know about your dinner date tomorrow? Probably not. Don’t worry! Bievo has you covered with a nimble calendar that lets you share what you need to with only the people who need to see it. Learn more about this feature.


On the first day of Christmas, Bievo gave to me a free version that includes some of our best features, so sign up today and give it a try!


Merry Christmas!

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