Is it just our imagination or does it seem like there are so many good movies out there right now that it’s a challenge to keep track of them all?

From the instant Disney classic Moana (we still can’t get How Far I’ll Go out of our heads!) and the light-hearted but brilliant musical La La Land to the powerful Hidden Figures and Silence (Hello, Adam Driver!) – keeping up-to-date on which movies are playing can take some serious diligence.

Luckily Bievo has you covered! Use your Bievo calendar app to find blocks of time that work for you and if it’s a family affair, everyone in the household. Add each movie as a new event to your family calendar and set reminders, so everyone in the family knows the plan and is ready to go.

Bievo lets you customize how and when you and your family members receive notifications – by email, mobile push notifications, and for Premium users, text message. You can decide what works for you and your family.

Bievo includes two types of calendar notifications to help you stay on top of changing schedules:

  1. Event Alerts – These notifications are sent when a new event is added to your calendar or when an existing event has been updated. When you add an event to the family calendar, simply use an event alert to let your family members know that the event has been added to their calendar.
  2. Event Reminders – These notifications are sent at a set time prior to your event. You can schedule reminders anytime between 5 minutes and 2 weeks prior to your event. Whatever works for you!

Pro tip for hardcore film-buffs: Be sure to set a reminder for Tuesday, January 24th for the Oscar Nomination Announcement! Haven’t signed up for Bievo yet? Register for Bievo on your desktop or tablet and download the app for your iPhone or Android today!

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